Private Pilot Certification Course with Advanced Aviation

The ASA training course is used to prepare you for your private pilot certificate. This method utilizes coursework in a DVD format in addition to the traditional text materials for the ground instruction. Your personal flight instrutor will guide you through the entire process, including both your flight time and ground instruction. After completing the course you will have learned the tools to being a safe and efficient pilot.

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The minimum requirements based on FAA regulations are included:
  40 hours flight time in a Cessna 172 (Block Rate+fuel+tax) $4000.00  
  20 hours dual flight instruction $800.00  
  15 hours individual ground instruction $600.00  
  ASA Private Pilot kit $264.00  
  FAA Flight Physical $80.00  
  FAA Private Written Test $90.00  
  FAA Private Flight Test $350.00  
  Total: $6184.00  

Since everyone has their own pace at which they learn best, you should expect additional time and expense to complete your training. We can give you ideas to keep your costs to a minimum if you are willing to put in the effort. The below chart can help you estimate extra expenses.

Cessna 152 airplane     Block Rate Regular Rate  
  Cessna 172 $87   $94    
  Diamond DA-20 $92   $97    
  Flight Instruction n/a    $40    

See our Rates page for a complete listing of all our aircraft prices. Contact us for more information or to schedule your flight training.

Note: we try to keep our rate listing up to date on our website, but please contact us to verify all rates.
Prices last updated January 2007 .

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