Sightseeing Flights

In addition to doing flight training, we also do sightseeing flights, for 1-3 people, around the Atlanta area. You never know what you may see. And depending on where you live, we may even be able to fly over your house. Some of our regular sights are all the beautiful buildings of downtown and midtown Atlanta, Buckhead, surrounding airports, Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier, and the Chattahoochee winding through the burbs. If you're a NASCAR or other race fan, we can even take you over the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Contact us to schedule your sightseeing flight or for more infomation.


Hot air balloons flying over Atlanta suburbs
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Be careful before giving your credit card info to FlightLevelAviation when looking for pilot jobs. I called to cancel as soon as I saw a renewal (forgotten subscription) on my credit card. They said tough luck, no they would not credit even though I'd not logged on in nearly a year.
The Flexible Tourist - MP3 Self guided tours of Atlanta, Georgia and beyond.
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