Rates (hourly except for the Discovery Flight)
Available at PDK - Centennial Aviation Academy

Standard Rate
Cessna C-172P (N51794 -Garmin GNS430 with 920 lbs.Useful load)
Cessna C-172S (N376SP -KLN 94 GPS, KMD550 Moving Map)
Cessna Skylane 182S (N7268F (KAP 140 dual-axis autopilot, 1100 lbs Useful Load, High Performance)
Piper Warrior PA28 (N969LB (GTN650 WAAS Touch Screen GPS)
Flight Instruction
Prime Discovery Flight includes pre-flight and post-flight briefings, about an hour of YOU controlling and flying the plane (or some sightseeing and some flying) and includes your first Pilot Logbook with your first flight filled in.
Standard discovery flight includes about 25-30 minutes of airplane time
Best Aviation Sites
AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com Avitop.com
Be careful before giving your credit card info to FlightLevelAviation when looking for pilot jobs. I called to cancel as soon as I saw a renewal (forgotten subscription) on my credit card. They said tough luck, no they would not credit even though I'd not logged on in nearly a year.
The Flexible Tourist - MP3 Self guided tours of Atlanta, Georgia and beyond.
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